July 22, 2024

As the technology is advancing, smartphone applications are the most talked about for mobile health solutions. According to a mobile research company, research2gudiance, by 2015 smartphone applications will allow mobile health industry to reach more than 500 million people. Currently there are more than 20,000 mHealth apps in major mobile application stores, 75% of which follow the paid business model. As mHealth market is growing up, more healthcare providers are entering this market and expanding themselves via mobile applications as a result of which the business models will broaden up and include drug sales revenue, advertisements, healthcare services and much more.Demand for BlackBerry application for smartphones and playbooks for healthcare industry is increasing at a rapid pace. The mobile or playbook apps can help the healthcare industry in many ways. Clinicians and physicians can practice medicine anywhere with the immediate access to the information they need. Such apps can help reduce the burden of carrying and keeping files and medical records of the patients on the paper, instant communication at any point of time, costs can be controlled and medical errors can be reduced to certain extent. The healthcare mobile apps can also benefit the patients, wherein they can have an app that could remind them when they need to take the medicines and remind them of their appointment with the doctors, this in turn could also help the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.Such solutions will help the doctors to use a single device rather than using many devices which would help in proper communication and workflow management. This way the doctors could be linked to the patients, nurses, support staff etc and vice-versa. The mHealth app could also be used for group messaging critical alerts, calendar and contact infrastructure, nurse call integration to increase healthcare interoperability and much more.Mobile health apps have a promising future ahead as per the research records by various analysts which are as follows:1) Deloitte Center for health solutions found out that more than 50% of the consumers want personal monitoring device that would help them to improve their health or find solutions to ailments.
2) Remote patient monitoring with the help of mobile health apps will be over 5 billion dollar market by 2014, revealed a research done by Juniper.
3) A survey done my Mc Kinsey revealed that people are willing to pay more on mobile doctors and medication logs.
4) Wireless home health market will be around 5 billion dollars by 2013: Parks AssociatesWith the growth in the mobile applications for the healthcare segment, companies and hospitals are opting for them all across the world. Thus it is safe to say that mobile technology in global healthcare has three advantages:1) Medical consultation to remote patients
2) Doctors can monitor the patients remotely
3) Making the patient’s information available globally to the healthcare systemTherefore, it is safe to say that mobile solutions for healthcare industry are very beneficial and can help you out in every possible way to improve the business for your healthcare department and at the same time find, locate and help patients from remote backgrounds.